the love of the world is hatred

the love of the world is hatred... im not talking about loving the world and the things of it (world system, politics, religion, etc), which is antichrist, but the type of love that the world gives is hatred... the love that the world gives comforts the flesh. Its a love that is void of Christ.  Programs and … Continue reading the love of the world is hatred

this world is dark and evil but Jesus is the Light

I hate this world and all its darkness. I hate being helpless while people suffer and refuse to turn to the One Person who can help them. I hate that people have such a wrong idea of who Jesus is. I hate that kids grow up in a system of education that promotes things that … Continue reading this world is dark and evil but Jesus is the Light

The Testimony of Jesus

Behold, he cometh with clouds (in His people, filled w His Spirit); and every (spiritual) eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him (Christ died for all/ we ALL pierced Him): and all kindreds of the earth (IN you) shall wail because of him (the battle of flesh vs Spirit). Even so, Amen. Revelation 1:7 … Continue reading The Testimony of Jesus

The Laying on of Hands

I came out of a church that really focused on physical healing. They spent so much time praying for that. Putting their hands on people and chanting in "tongues". They were so focused on the flesh. I dont remember anyone ever actually getting healed of anything though. When I was there anytime anyone put their … Continue reading The Laying on of Hands

The Mystery of Iniquity

Sharing some understanding Jesus has been giving me about the man of sin being revealed. Charlene and I were talking about this for awhile. All the mysteries of Gods Kingdom happen when we are born again... including the man of sin being revealed (mystery of iniquity). It's so offensive for most to to look at themselves … Continue reading The Mystery of Iniquity